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Tourism in Pyrenees


To Visit in Lourdes

The Fortified Castle

To 700m of the Hotel



Since 1921, The Fortified Castle has a Pyrenean Museum, certify museum of France, who present the most important collections of the story of the Pyrenees.

Lac de Lourdes.JPG
The Lake of Lourdes

To 5 km of Hotel

A glacial lake 3 km from the town centre. You can go walking or mountain biking, fish and play golf (18 holes). 

In a natural environment, a restaurant, an adventure playground for children, paddles boats and a picnic area are at your disposal.

Pic du jer.jpg
The Pic du Jer

To 2km of the Hotel

The best view of the Pyrenees from Lourdes. The Pic du Jer that overlooks the town can be recognized by its big cross, which is lit up at night.

You can reach it by taking a hundred-year-old funicular, which will take you to the top at an altitude of 1000 meters in a few minutes; a very scenic journey…

To Visit Around

Animal Park of the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees Animal Park, elected best animal/nature leisure site in France in 2016, welcomes you into 14 hectares of pure nature where you can experience unforgettable moments in the heart of the mountains.

Set off to meet more than six hundred animals, with over one hundred and twenty wild animals and a superb collection of birds: four great vultures, bears, wolves, lynx, foxes, raccoons, but also otters, the great ungulates of the mountains, and the stars of the park: the marmots. You can share very special moments with the marmots. One of our favorite parts is dedicated to French Guiana and lets you see and encounter the most biodiverse of the French departments. 

Many more surprises await you! 

We welcome you into our natural setting, for an experience full of emotion!

The Eagles Dungeon

In the Pyrenees, a medieval castle which stands for 10 centuries on the rocky peak overlooking the village of BEAUCENS. Housing within its old walls one of the most prestigious collections of diurnal and nocturnal raptors from around the world: kites, vultures, eagles, eagles, hawks and buses rub shoulders with parrots. On a musical background, a spectacle of great beauty rich in emotions to discover from spring holidays to the end of September.

Betharam Caves

Discovered in 1819 by a former Napoleon grunt, Les Grottes de Bétharram located between Pau and Lourdes. During a visit of 1 hour 20 minutes, you will cross a mountain which has been dug by water over the centuries. We offer you an underground world, a real fairyland of limestone concretions with astonishing shapes, sublimated by the particularly careful lighting. The richness of the forms stimulates the imagination throughout the visit. After visiting the first floor of the Caves, you descend the 250 steps from the Gouffre which lead to the underground river. With 800 meters of rock above you, you take a pleasant boat ride. The journey continues with the little train that brings you back to the exit.

Le Cirque de Gavarnie

You are in the heart of the Pyrenees National Park. There, straddling the Franco-Spanish border, stands the Mont-Perdu massif, which exceeds 3,000 m above sea level. To the south, the extraordinary canyons of Ordesa, Aniscle and Pineta. Leaning against them, in the north, the country of circuses with the majestic Gavarnie, Troumouse, the largest of all, and Estaube the wildest.

Since 1997, this complex of over 30,000 hectares has been listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, both for its natural and cultural riches.

The Pic du Midi

Up there, air and light, their purity and transparency are the secret of this site, long reserved for scientists. The panoramic terraces have been laid out over 750 m2. We look at 300 km of peaks in the Pyrenees chain which stretch between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, and on the plains of the Great South West. The splendor of the landscapes means that the Pic du Midi has been classified as a national natural site since 2003.

Pyrenees Aure Louron

In the village of Arreau, the valleys of Aure and Louron meet. The Church of Jézeau and the Chapel of the Templars of Aragnouet are classified as World Heritage by Unesco under the roads of Santiago de Compostela. Traditions, authenticity, friendliness are cultivated in the 46 mountain villages.

The thermal waters and the 100 lakes are part of this stunning setting, while the passes of the destination are among the legendary Tour de France.

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